Sam Blazina Bio

Sam Blazina Bio

Sam Blazina is an Education Ombuds with the Governor’s Office of Education Ombuds (OEO). Sam earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Public Health Education and Spanish at Central Washington University (CWU) as well as her Master’s degree in Special Education.

As a multi-lingual Public Health educator and a certified Childbirth educator, Sam has worked with the Latino community for almost twenty years teaching health classes, as well as collaborating and organizing outreach efforts to migrant families on a variety of topics. Aside from her passion in the health and social fields, Sam has been involved in both secondary and post-secondary education working directly with youth at-risk. In addition, she has developed and implemented two programs in Kittitas County which continue to provide support and mentoring to families of children with disabilities.

As a nontraditional and first-generation college student, Latina, and mother of three, Sam brings to OEO a wealth of experience, ideas, and a sincere desire to help families to navigate through the Public School system, and, support students in achieving academic success.