OEO offers free presentations, trainings and workshops on a wide range of issues, such as: conflict resolution; family engagement; harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB); school discipline; supports for homeless or foster youth; language access; and services for students with disabilities. OEO can customize trainings for families, community groups and leaders, and educators to meet their needs.  Listed below are a few sample outlines of OEO trainings to give you a sense of our services:

OEO has limited staff and resources for travel and gives preference to trainings or workshops for:

  • Larger audiences
  • Concerns that fit within our strategic plan and increase educational equity
  • Community-capacity building through a train-the-trainers model
  • Presentations that can be delivered online, such as interactive webinars

If you are interested in hosting a presentation, training or workshop, please contact oeoinfo@gov.wa.gov to ask about availability.