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OEO hosts monthly lunchtime webinars called “Ask an Ombuds” and also webinars designed to help families, schools, and community professionals stay up to date on best practices and recent education policy changes. Please see below for recordings of previous webinars.

Ask an Ombuds: Grab lunch and a question!

Ask an Ombuds webinars are held the second Tuesday of each month, from 12-1 p.m. These webinars are held in Spanish every third month.  Click the link to see upcoming dates and to register:  https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4404e3074a4d94bbc5b9141539e44ee6

Email your questions in advance to oeoinfo@gov.wa.gov Attn: Ask an Ombuds. An Education Ombuds will answer your questions as time allows.

Watch Previous Ask an Ombuds Webinar Videos and View PowerPoints (Listed from Current to Older):

Pregúntele a un Mediador -Ask an Ombuds Lunchtime Webinar in Spanish 09/12/17  PowerPoint

Ask an Ombuds Lunchtime Webinar 08/08/17  PowerPoint

Location in Hour: Minute: Second and Topic

  • 0:03:39  Forums on Dyspraxia
  • 0:10:00  Student with IEP not making progress on goals, student not recommended for summer school
  • 0:22:18  Dyspraxia Resources
  • 0:25:13  The process in “Due Process” hearings; where can parents get help with “Due Process” hearings?
  • 0:40:31  Can home-schooled students access special education and general education services?
  • 0:48:10  Can students enrolled in private schools access services through the public schools?

Ask an Ombuds Lunchtime Webinar 06/13/17   PowerPoint   Additional Resources and Citations

Location in Hour: Minute: Second and Topic

  • 0:01:10  Introduction to OEO
  • 0:03:00  Educational Services during Suspension or Expulsion
  • 0:09:18  Extended School Year (ESY)
  • 0:12:46  Consensus in IEP Decision-Making
  • 0:16:57  Dispute Resolution Options
  • 0:29:57  Special Education and Alternative Learning Environments (ALEs)
  • 0:36:20  Changing placement and siblings in different schools
  • 0:44:00  Alternative Learning Environments (ALEs) and Equity Access Issues
  • 0:51:07  Appropriate Services in Special Education
  • 0:53:15  Inclusion and Equity
  • 0:59:47  Resources and Citations

Preguntele a un mediador / Ask an Ombuds Lunchtime Webinar 05/09/2017  PowerPoint

Para ver temas especificas, en hora, minuto, segundo:

  • Que es OEO 0:00:30
  • Interpretación de documentos 0:01:42
  • Acoso y discriminación 0:14:35
  • Asistente uno a uno 0:21:30
  • Creditos de una escuela internaciónal 0:31:00
  • Apoyo para aprender inglés 0:36:18
  • Que servicios ofrece OEO 0:44:36
  • Derechos de estudiantes con discapacidades de participar en actividades de la escuela 0:46:00
  • Estudiantes que están en casa por culpa del acoso, como regresan a la escuela 0:51:50

Ask an Ombuds Lunchtime Webinar 04/11/2017  PowerPoint

Location in Hour: Minute: Second and Topic

  • 0:00:00 Start
  • 0:03:25 Parent Access to classroom
  • 0:14:40 Calls to pick up student early
  • 0:25:45 Denying full-day program due to transportation issues
  • 0:29:20 Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB)
  • 0:46:38 ABA therapy
  • 0:51:55 General education teachers attending IEP meetings
  • 0:55:00 IEP deadlines and scheduling difficulties
  • 0:58:53 Aide in private school

Ask An Ombuds Lunchtime Webinar 03/14/2017 PowerPoint


Content-Specific Webinars

OEO offers a regular line-up of webinars focused on best practices and policy issues in our work. Previous webinar videos and PowerPoints are included: