Students' Rights

Protections for Disciplined Students

Note: This information is from our manual, Discipline in Public Schools.

What are my child's rights if he or she is kicked out of school?

The school administrator (usually a Principal or Vice Principal) must:

  • Tell your child that he or she will be suspended or expelled;
  • Give reasons for kicking your child out;
  • Explain which rule was broken; and
  • Give your child a chance to tell his or her side of the story; and
  • Provide access to alternative educational services so your child can continue learning even while suspended or expelled.

The alternative educational services should be comparable, equitable and appropriate to the regular education services a student would have received.

A student's rights are slightly different depending on what punishment the district proposes. Please consult Discipline in Public Schools for rights and procedures for challenging:

  • A short-term suspension
  • A long-term suspension
  • Expulsion
  • Emergency expulsion.