Suspensions, Expulsions, and Discipline

Suspensions, Expulsions, and Discipline

When a student gets suspended or expelled, he or she has rights. Students must follow school rules, but even when in trouble, students have a right to tell their side of the story.

When a student is removed from school for breaking a rule, the school must:

1. Give a written notice (usually it comes as a letter) explaining what the student did wrong, and which rule was broken;

2. Before disciplinary action is taken, give the student a chance to tell his or her side of the story in a formal discipline hearing or in a conference with school staff;

3. Make sure the corrective action fits the behavior.

If a student disagrees with the school’s proposed disciplinary action, the student needs to act fast after receiving the letter (written notice).  Students have the right to a hearing or an informal conference.  The student must act quickly to request a hearing or conference, usually within 3 days. If the deadline for requesting a hearing passes, the student may lose the chance to challenge the disciplinary action.