What can I do if I think my child is being bullied or harassed?

Ask your child to explain what has been happening, and how it has made them feel. If they can tell you details, like how long it has been going on, who has been involved, who was nearby, and where it happened, write those down so you can talk about them with the school.

Check in with your child’s teacher about what you have heard from your child, ask them if they have any more information, and if they can help keep an extra eye on the situation.

Report the concern to your child’s principal. You can call, or send an email.

If the issue is not resolved with a quick investigation and intervention, ask for a copy of your district’s Harassment and Bullying Incident Reporting Form, or find one on your district’s website; fill it out and give it to your child’s principal.

You can also reach out to your district’s HIB Compliance Officer, for help in understanding the process, or for help if the problem continues.

Ask for a copy of your district’s HIB Policy and Procedure, and review it to see what you can expect next if you make a formal report of bullying.

Understand a child may be reluctant to talk about bullying or harassment. Be patient, and persistent in trying to understand what is happening and offering support.

Talk about safety – work with the child and check in with the school to make sure your child knows who they can go to if they are being bullied, or feeling unsafe. You can use our Safety Planning Toolkit to help design a plan for your child’s safety.