Behavior Agreements

Note: This information is from our manual, Discipline in Public Schools.

Can the school require my child to sign a behavior agreement?

School districts can ask students and families to sign behavior agreements if a student gets in trouble. Agreements related to a suspension or expulsion might allow a student to return to school early if the student agrees to participate in treatment for drugs or alcohol, seek counseling, or go through an assessment process. A school might also consider a behavior agreement that would hold off on starting the suspension or expulsion, as long as the student meets certain conditions. A district that uses behavior agreements as part of their discipline policy must adopt written policies and procedures authorizing the agreements. Behavior agreements can't last longer than the number of days in a long-term suspension or expulsion. Also, they do not waive a student's opportunity to have a re-engagement meeting or to receive the educational services that are required for any student who is suspended or expelled.